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Secuencia (2014) Doc.



“First we flutter, then we can soar, until we become infinite.” – Secuencia

Secuencia is an Installation piece that explores the ideas of ambition and that dreams should always be reached for no matter how high they are. In this playful narrative, Secuencia reveals in sequence beautiful and vibrant colours of images that fill up from one canvas to the next when the viewer is present.

The two frames consisting of origami butterfly and bird figures sets the narrative to reveal the third canvas which is completely blank. The viewer can see these figures in an elevated position as they form into the next frame to the last.  When the viewer waits to see the unveiling of the third piece they are graced with the presence of stars going off into the night sky. Secuencia can be seen as other forms however viewers should not forget the significance of this piece. Only the viewer can initiate the narrative because our presence brings Secuencia to life. we can chose to keep it alive or leave it be for it to be awaken again.

Secuencia was created with Keystone. A surface map library that is used in processing. All images were created in Photoshop and then taken into after effects to be animated. The device that starts the entire installation is known as a Ping detector. It measures the distance between itself and to whatever is in front of it. Once the detector signals the programmed number in processing it acts as an on and off switch for the piece.

Technology used:

Short throw Projector.

A distance ping detector.


Processing Keystone library.

Here’s  a video of the piece.

Secuencia in action

Dark space: check

Setup overall: check

Interactivity: check but could still use some work :/

Last week’s crit went well without a hitch 🙂 but now before the exhibition I need to think on a few things:

I need to re program (or maybe just re-position)  the ping detector so  people can walk around the space where the piece is instead of standing around watching. Then when they leave the space it turns off.

The photography studio was great but maybe I can move it either to a different bay or into one of the new media galleries.

Overall I’m really happy of how the crit turned out and Can’t wait till the exhibition 🙂 Here are some pics!

These were all taken in the photo studio at the I.M.A bulidng 🙂

Digiplay Space at the Tiff Bell Lightbox

2 weeks before crits, I went to the Digiplay space with my classmates 🙂 It was really cool seeing all these new media works and apps for children there. I found the children games innovative and smart in the ways we teach kids to learn things such as strategy, reading and recognizing. I had so much fun playing around with all the works.


Here are some photos I took while I was there!

Secuencia Update

After three weeks I have completed the technical aspect of Secuencia. Now I all I need is to setup stuff, make stuff fit, and of course do some paper folding. Projection mapping was done this week too now I have to fold the origami for frames one and two and Secuencia will be done! well 95% done. I need a dark room to set up my piece. 2014-03-25 12.27.16

META 2014

I went to the 4th year new media show this year and saw a lot of really cool pieces. It was a great turn out with a lot of people and a huge success. As a viewer however, I did feel like I missed out on a lot of the pieces concepts, meanings and full user experience. Either because there were a lot of people, or because the pieces themselves weren’t remotely built to interpret to the user what we’re suppose to do with the piece or feel about it. For example, “In Flux” by Yulia Karelina used a great deal of projection mapping on a set of triangular pieces. But I prefer projections in dark settings as much as possible to bring the colours out. I was also confused on why the triangles were pieced together the way they were and what I was suppose to take away from this piece conceptually. “The Third Eye” falls under a similar situation. Another piece, “Wave” by Melissa James was interactively beautiful as the user could touch the waters to make ripples on the screen. However, I did not know users were not suppose to step on the dock yet it looked inviting that we should due to it’s height and others previous experience of docks.

A very powerful piece that really impressed me was “[uh-ten-shuhn]” by Samantha Totera & Kimberly Yap. User could focus their brain energy on a set of liquids to make cool designs in them using this head piece. It was by far most a really brilliant piece and something that relates to the topic of distraction. Imagine what we could possibly due with our brains with a little focus. It was beautifully crafted and well thought out.

Overall the arrangement of the pieces in the gallery space threw me off. It was difficult to experience most of the works and I felt I was in a carnival. I preferred last year’s meta better maybe because the arrangements of pieces were better and there were less works. Perhaps next time META could either get more floors to accustom to a number of pieces instead of  clutter everything or so many on one floor. It was a great show with a lot of talent and a lot of hard work had payed off 🙂 If execution to display these works for user experience had been better, I’m sure the public would have seen these work at their full potential.

Below I have a series of images of the night: